• Star Men

    smWent to see Star Men today at the Abbeygate cinema, it was a very late booking and was the only time they are showing this at the cinema. Glad I did go along as it was excellent and something very different from the recent films that I have seen. It is four retired English astronomers who are all in their 70’s now who decided to celebrate the 50 years since they studied at the California Institute of Technology and where they often went on various roadtrips out into the middle of nowhere. It is documentary style and they interview each of the astronomers as they go through the film. It is amazing how much they did in their lifetime and how they contributed to the field quite humbling really. They were joined by Alison Rose who produced the documentary and encouraged them to talk more about what they achieved and life today.

    They reproduced the road trip to Rainbow Bridge in Utah with two of them and Alison walking for a couple of days. It was clearly a lot tougher for the guys than they remembered event the fit one Roger Griffin who runs the London marathon each year and last time was in 3hrs 57 mins! It was funny listening to them chat about things and one of them still wearing his shirt and tie walking through the hot Utah desert. They made it in the end and the bridge was incredibly impressive. It was incredibly listening to them talk about the universe and just how vast it is and their findings. Does make you think just how little we explore places in our own lives!

    It was a very pleasant hour and a half and well worth watching if you get the chance. Will give this one 8/10.



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  • A Day in the Life of an ERSA Race…

    What happens to make sure that one of the many regional races happens and runs smoothly? There are a lot of perceptions that exist about why some things happen or don’t happen, so thought I would jot down some things that take place. It’s like it for many races not just the regional ones.

    First easy question to answer is no we are not paid to officiate, we do it for the love of the sport! Although when you are stood at the top of a slope and it is raining do sometimes wonder why I am there, but it is great when the sun is shining :)

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  • Atomic Race Camps

    The Tellings and Atomic have teamed up again this year and will be running two summer camps, one at Ipswich (9th – 13th August) and Hemel (26th – 29th July). More details can be found here.

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  • What does the future hold?

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote a few thoughts about the future of plastic racing, but there is also the other aspect about the format of the various races on offer. The next few years are going to be very interesting to see how things develop and the offering for racers improves.

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  • Where to start?

    One of the things that is constantly raised at the club is queries from new parents and racers about where to start, what races exists, what their children should take part in etc. It’s a long list of questions and of course everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately it is incredibly difficult to find anything online and i have yet to come across a parent who has seen this information on the SSE site.

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  • Anglo Scottish Cup Les Houches

    Last week I spent the time in Les Houches, France with Natasha for the Anglo Scottish Cup race. We were there with lots of friends from various clubs who also had children taking part in the races. It was the first snow race for Natasha, not something I was expecting to have to attend with her, but during the year Natasha asked if she could give it a go, what more could I say!

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  • SkiZog

    A couple of years ago I created a simple website called SkiZog, www.skizog.co.uk, with the sole purchase of providing a way for people to advertise Ski race gear for sale when they were trying to get rid of it.

    There were a couple of sites around already but not very extensive and had their limitations. I wanted something that people could upload items themselves and then I just needed to approve them. So I came up with SkiZog and it proved very popular.

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  • Summer Skiing

    This year unfortunately Craig was not able to take part in many Club Nationals or Grand Prix event throughout the country mainly due to work, but also the need for him to be able to train sometimes instead of just coaching.

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