• Windows 8 first thoughts

    Upgraded my laptop a few weeks ago and as with all of them it now comes with Windows 8 by default. I tried an early copy of Windows 8 last year and had my reservations then if you were to use it just for a laptop and not touch screen. I have used Windows 7 for a long time and that was a very good and welcome change.

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  • All England Champs

    These took place up in Sunderland last weekend. So a wonderful trip up on Friday afternoon on the sloooooow A1 which took nearly 6 hours to get to the TravelInn. It was a bit of a pain as I had a conference call to listen in on as well.

    Most of the competitors were there Friday evening for the open practice which went well. Saturday was a wonderfully bright day and two excellent courses were set. For the day I was finish ref which was quite straight forward even though I was kept busy at times.

    Had a few issues with racers saying or doing the wrong thing, but a quick quiet word with them should hopefully get the message across. Over the season there have been times when some racers have pushed the limit on sportsmanship behaviour. On Saturday one racer went too far and received a reprimand from the TD.

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