The value of money

Was out today with the young one and we were looking for a Christmas tree over at the farm. We get a real one each year and they always have a great selection there, but find that we have to get one earlier each year to make sure we get a decent one.

So wondering around was surprised at the cost of them this year, more than I expected. However they do have excellent quality trees. So wondering around Natasha turned round and said, ‘It’s ok dad we don’t have to get an expensive one this year, this one will do’. Was wonderful listening to the way she said it and the fact that she is thinking about these things. Have spent a long time getting through to her that money doesn’t grow on trees and she needs to look at how much things cost and what is reality. Good to see it is paying of.

Needless to say we spent more than she suggested and got a lovely tree as usually. It’s one of the highlights of her year to be able to decorate the tree in the build up to Christmas. It’s now sitting in the garage ready for next week :)

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